2000 – 2020

A ceremony of last light took place on 31st December 1999 at Dursey Sound to commemorate the dawn of the new millenium. Whilst 1997 might have been the most successful in living memory for the club and the division, Garnish has continued to have success over the past twenty years. Emigration and rural depopulation has always been an existential challenge for Garnish, the furthest club in Ireland from Croke Park but a strong club tradition and sense of meitheal has kept the green and gold flag of Garnish GAA flying. Áine Terry O’Sullivan, on the Cork Ladies, is the current stand-out player but her brothers, Brian and Sean, have also represented Cork. 


    • David Rue Harrington played with Cork minors in 2004.
    • Maureen Sullivan (The Glen) captained Cork minors in 2008.
    • Sean Terry O’Sullivan – all-Ireland vocational schools, 2012.
    • Brian and Sean Terry both played with Cork minors and Cork juniors.
    • Rory O’Driscoll played with Cork Minors in 2016
    • Christine Rue O’Sullivan played with Cork Ladies minors 2019.
    • Áine Terry O’Sullivan is currently with the Cork Ladies senior team and won her first All-Star in 2020.

The club last won the Béara Championship with the three-in-a-row in 2016, 2017 and 2018.